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Will I Am's "Songs About Girls" is a tour de force of next-generation contemporary R&B.  All of it devoted to girls he wants, girls he wants back, girls who are gone, girls he's glad are gone, and, of course, girls trying hard to make a living for their family as strippers. When it comes to commercial songs I don't mind the Black Eyed Peas but no one really knows the production power house that Will I Am is.  He has produced tracks for some of my favorite hip hop artists like Common, Nas and many more.  You know that huge hit "American Boy" from Estelle ft. Kanye West, well check out the song "Impatient" on Will I Am's album and you will see that he produced that track.  Did you know he is also a full fledge DJ?  After his shows he will go to the after party spot and spin a set and drop his latest music to see how the crowd reacts, AWESOME!!  Just like trying new things with music he also has no boundaries when it comes to fashion.  His style with clothing is the same as his music, if he likes it, hes gonna wear it and I find that amazing!  It has been 4 years since the release date and still to this day when the wifey and I are rollin around having a good time and can't choose what to listen to, Will I Am's "Song About Girls"  still puts a huge smile on our face!
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  1. Based on this post, I love your taste in music. I can't believe there is another girly style blogger out there who likes Nas and other less mainstream hip-hop artists.

    Will I Am is a great producer and so few people know that the Black Eyed Peas were a hip-hop group way before Fergie joined them and they went totally pop. Great review!

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  2. I LOVE LOVE Will.I.am!!!! Great taste def!!!!
    Please check out my new blog and follow if you like! Either way I'm a follower :)

    Cam :)


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