2 in One day?!?

 boots - ebay, dress & bracelets - ragz dressware, necklace - gift, sunnies - crush, ring - f21

I bought this great little dress over the weekend, so very comfortable and really easy to wear (minus the fact that you have to wear a strapless bra!).  We decided that since it was one of our last weekends off for who knows how long that we would go to the Del Mar Races, I went for my first time last year and it was a blast.  This dress was the perfect go to outfit for a day at the races until we got there and the Hubby noticed that it is kinda falling apart! Booo!  Now I just hope I can return it and get another; I have NO sewing skills to just fix it myself:(.

Now on to the exciting news!!  Yesterday I got 2 awards from fellow bloggers!!  I am not going to lie, I had no idea these kind of things were going on in the blogger world so when I got 2 of them you can only imagine how excited it was!!  I was going to try and answer them both in one posting and then figured that would just be way too much.  So the first one I received which is the "One Lovely Blog Award" was from Katya from this time is a charm, she is such a sweetie and has a great sense of style, please take a minute to check out her blog.

Ok, now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me and then pass the award onto up to 15 other wonderful ladies and let them know I have done so ..... so here it goes.

#1   I am a Canadian, I have been living in San Diego now for almost 3 years (WOW, time flies!!)

#2   I love country music, yes, I know .... most people would not admit to that but I love it that much!!

#3   I met the love of my life when I was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta in April of 2008 and married 
       him 8 months later!! For Real!!
#4   I love candy, I wish I didn't but I just can't help myself!!

#5   I was born on my Dad's 18th birthday

#6   I come from a large family, when growing up my parents were foster parents, always lots of
       teenage girls, never a dull moment in out house!  I have 2 blood siblings, one half brother, 4 step
       brothers and sisters and many foster sisters along the way.

#7   I speak French fluently, I took French Immersion for kindergarten to grade 12!!

Wow, that was much harder then I thought it would be.  OK, now to pass the love along, here are some ladies that I have recently been following and I am truly enjoying what the have to say and love their style!!

Jen and Katie from Paisley Print Shoes
Emerald from Sunday Crossbow
Haley from PairsandPours

These are just a few blogs that I check out everyday to see the amazing style and things that these wonderful and inspiring ladies have to say.  Thanks again to Katya for giving me the award, you made my day!

PS. The rules for the award:
1) Thank the blogger who awarded you the honor and link back to them in your post.
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Award up to 15 recently discovered bloggers the award.
4) Contact them to tell them the good news!


  1. you are so sweet! will follow up accordingly!

  2. how sweet are you?? thanks so much for the award...we feel so loved! we'll definitely make a post soon and continue to read your blog. :)

  3. ps love the dress :) just bought new cowboy boots but I like yours better!

  4. Wow! How exciting! I just started blogging so this is really special to me. I honestly blushed when I read you awarded me :)

    Also, I am so jealous that you live in San Diego. I am from California and SD is beautiful.

    Love the photo of you laughing on this post - so cute!

  5. thank you so much! this is awesome!

  6. Sounds like you had a pretty fun childhood - it must be great to have such a big family!

    Hope you get the dress exchanged, it's a cute one!

  7. You look lovely! This dress is a perfect pattern mixing dress!

    Congrats on the award! It was exciting for our first award too :)

  8. Hi! Newest follower here! I found you through Kendi (I think!). Congrats on your blog awards! Anyway, I just love your style & I think we have similar body types so I love seeing how you wear things. I LOVE this dress! I sure hope you can get another one too. I grew up in San Diego so seeing your sunny pics helps give me my SD fix!

    I'm not much of a style blogger but I want to be! :o)



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