See Through

 shoes - from my wedding (hubby bought and picked out!!), dress & bangles - lulu's, clutch - thrifted, sunglasses - crush

Isn't this just a heart melting dress?  I know I sure felt that way when I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers, Cara from Fashion Love Affair, you can see her in it here.  I am not a fan of buying things online unless it is a bag or maybe shoes but with this one I took a risk.  I does fit perfectly but you also have to make sure you panties match perfectly and you don't have tattoos in silly places that need the perfect color band-aid to cover it up... of course the tattoo thing wasn't me ...opps! ( I only have one and it's silly!)  In any case,  it is a good going out for dinner dress and I sure feel girly in it, I love it.  Oh, and one more thing, the sunglasses that I have been raving about from Crush ... well, the are cheap!! Only around 25 or so per pair!!  One year warranty and cheap, what more can you ask for??!?!


  1. Gorgeous, I love this dress! And love how you added that great pop of colour in the heels. Love your blog, girl!

    Xo Chelle

  2. Very sexy in those heels


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