Lazy Days

shoes - bass, shorts - gap, tank - walmart, necklace & belt - f21, flower in hair - was made for my wedding

I am not sure if I have told you this or not but I spend my Saturdays usually hanging out with a bunch of thirteen year old's.  Yes, it is a party!  We got lucky and had two events on Saturday which usually leaves me feeling like all I want to do on Sunday is SLEEP!  And I did, I think I got up at a time I choose not to say in fear that I might make mom's with little ones super jealous. ( we have no children yet, so I am trying to take advantage of the whole sleeping in thing as much as I can!) So when I woke on Sunday I could not make a decision as to what the heck I wanted to do.  Going for a bike ride to the harbor ended up winning with a little margarita drinking and then a BBQ and a fire with friends to end it of.  What a great way to spend the day, and to go along with it I wore this super easy and relaxed outfit that worked perfectly for a easy stroll on the beach cruiser and then some awesome food!  Love lazy relaxed days after a very hard working one!

On a little side note, this feather flower in my hair is something I had made for our wedding.  I wore it in my hair, the colors we choose were purple, black and white, I had it custom made.  I always love pulling it out and wearing it on the most random of days!  It always brings me back to that perfect day and makes me smile!  Here is a little bonus picture of our wedding day.


  1. you look gorgeous in your wedding photo! i love the feather flower. your outfit is casual and cute. perfect for a lazy sunday!

  2. Super cute outfit, the fourth photo is taken really well too! Looking great in your wedding photo too, great hair!

  3. Love the flower Jess, what a perfect addition to this outfit, so nice that it reminds you of your special day! Love your wedding photo too, you look so beautiful!
    xo Cara

  4. I love your little white hair flower! Very 1950's chic! I wore something like the fascinator in the last picture (only black) for my prom. =)

  5. Hi!
    I just found your blog via jenloveskev and am loving it! Love your style, from one curvy girl to another:)

  6. This look is fantastic for a sunny day!!! LOVE love love that necklace and that fact that you reused the feather for your hair. The original piece was gorgeous too, I want to see more wedding photos :)!


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