Palm Springs

So today I had not a single outfit picture to share with you ... I guess you can say that I have been pretty lazy!!  So instead I thought we would talk about Palm Springs.  Zack and I stayed at The Saguaro Hotel a few weeks ago and had a great time.  The hotel is very colorful (it is Palm Springs right?!?!) and cozy!  We even got really lucky with some super warm weather and got to enjoy the pool which was really fabulous!  They have two places to eat at the hotel which both looked great but we decided to head to a Thai place instead.  They also have beach cruisers for their guests to use at no charge, which I thought was just awesome!!  The place is pet friendly ... I always love that cause you always end up seeing some super cute dogs.  If you are ever in Palm Springs I highly recommend The Saguaro Hotel ... it was a great stay!!  Below are a bunch of photos that I quickly snapped of the hotel.

Don't worry, we don't actually sleep in different beds like it might look like below ... Zack's sister and her fiance were with us as well!

Palm Springs 1
Palm Springs 2
Palm Springs 4


  1. I would love to be sitting pool side with my pooch right now - what a fabulous hotel.

  2. How fun, I love all of the bright colors...wishing for warm weather here!

  3. this all looks amazing!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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