The Background Makes it Better

The background makes it better 3

Shoes - Nordstrom Rack, Tights - Target, Skirt - F21, Tank - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Scarf - Marshall's, Sunnies - Crush, Bag - Michael Kors, Bracelets - Express

The backeground makes it better 2
The background makes it better 1
The background makes it better 4
Thank goodness for the ocean ... it always helps outfits look better ... right?!?!  I really wanted to wear heels with this outfit but the truth of it all was I just could not handle it.  If you don't know yet well now you will .... I am the worlds biggest wimp when it comes to wearing heels!!  Wimpy in the sense that I can really maybe only last in them for one hour or so if I have to do any form of walking .... wimp!!  So flats won this battle .... but don't worry, I am still practicing wearing those heels ... one day I will concur them!


  1. This view is completely incredible! I don't even have the words!

    The Hartungs Blog

  2. Hi! Your blog is so lovely and you' ve got such an amazing and unique style..i was wondering if you would to follow each other..what do you think? Let me know <3


  3. Adorable outfit! ~ Love your blog

    With Love From, B

    ♥ ♥

  4. Love your skirt! The background is just a plus!

  5. Gorgeous backdrop and beautiful outfit too.

  6. Pretty pictures! Love the polka dots! I'm the opposite of you when it comes to shoes. I can only last about 5 minutes in flats (due to the messed up feet I was born with). I even have doctors order to stay away from flats and stick to heels :)

  7. I think you and I may be shoe opposites - I am such a wimp when it comes to flats, I always end up limping and covered in blisters. I go slighty slower in heels but I find them so much more comfortable. I'm always envious of girls who pull off flats beautifully, and you are definitely one of them :) Also, hello ocean! The background totally does make these photos, it's breathtaking!

  8. back grounds totally make an outfit better, but I think your polka dot pencil is pretty darn awesome on it's own!
    Chic on the Cheap


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