They Called Me Minnie Mouse

They called me Minnie Mouse 3

Shoes - Aldo (old), Tights - Target, Shirt - American Eagle, Dress - Marshall's

They called me Minnie Mouse 4
They called me Minnie Mouse 1They called me Minnie Mouse 2 So on Saturday we had one of the biggest events that we do each you ... it was the Besa Expo. We only do one expo each year so it is really important to us to make sure we do it really really well. This year we both decided to dress with a bow tie ... I have to admit ... I loved the way the outfit turned out! This dress was originally bought for last New Years and though it was a great dress .... the sequins rubbed like crazy and I ended up with a really nasty rash!! So that heaven for the blogging world because I don't think I ever would have thought to just layer and put a shirt under it!! All day I kept getting people tell me I looked like Minnie Mouse .... I guess I just needed some ears?!?!?


  1. you look really cute, maybe a little like minnie mouse, but I don't think that's a bad thing.. if it helps, you are a really chic minnie;)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  2. Love that you rocked the bow tie! I make and sell bow ties! You look totally darling!


  3. This is so, so cute! I wore a similar dress on New Years and also got a rash lol

  4. I love the dress!!!

  5. This is adorable! Love how the shoes match your nail polish.

    Hope you a wonderful day :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  6. I don't think my mind would have gone straight to Minnie Mouse, but since you mention it, there is something slightly Minnie-esque about this outfit... but n the best possible way :) I love that you came up with a way to wear your dress to avoid a rash {yuck! I've had that happen before with sequins, its the worst.} And the bowtie is such a cute touch!


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