Take Over Tuesdays!!!

Today's takeover is on Putamayo. This record label started out as a clothing company but back in 1993 they decided to bring upbeat and melodic compilation's the masses and have found a niche ever since.  Having realesed over 100 compilations, the one I have making available to you is "Euro Lounge".  I cannot tell you how many times Jess and I have been in a really cool store bopping our heads and later to find out they are planning a Putamayo CD.  

I see that this month Jess is putting things that she is thankful for and I would like to say that I am thankful for my wife, who I thought I would never meet and that I would never get married but after our accidental meeting in Puerto Vallarta I knew that she was the one!  I also just celebrated my 32nd birthday and had a blast thanks to her!! 

These are photos from our engagement shoot that our amazing friend Romina took a few years ago.


boots - ariat, tights - unsure??, top&belt - gift from the Hubby

And on another note I get to sneak these photos in and use them for Everbody, Everywear!!  I know that "colored tights" should really be of some great bright color but to be honest this as much color as I have for tights!! So sad, I am on the hunt for some "real" colored ones and I can't wait to try and style them up the way some of these amazing ladies have!!


  1. Found your blog through Everybody Everywear and love your outfit and pictures. Adorable boots!


  2. Cute blog! I'm following now!

  3. what a cute engagement shoot - you both look so great together!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. LOVE your engagement photos!!! You are just the cutest couple ever!!!! So happy you found each other and can live 'happily ever after'!!! :)


  5. found your blog through EBEW and love it already! :)


    Fashion Fractions


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