Fire Fire

Fire Fire 3

boots&purse - thrifted, jeans - local boutique (ragz dressware), sweater - h&m, jacket - target, necklace - f21

Fire Fire 2

Fire Fire 1

Fire Fire 4

Not really all that sure what possessed us to use the fire hydrant as a photo prop, but to be honest I kinda like it!  I guess it would just be a whole lot of black if it wasn't for that wonderful pop of yellow ... so thank you Mr. Fire Hydrant for making my photos better!!  As for my "be thankful November" today it is for my cats.  Yes, I said "cats"!  We have two and I love those little suckers more then anything.  After being away 11 days, it sure feels good to come home to their love ... and let me tell you, they sure love to cuddle!  So thank you Luna and DJ, I know I sound crazy but I love them!!  Anyone else out there a crazy cat lady like me, you can tell me ... I don't mind!


  1. Love the stripes and that necklace!
    xo Cara

  2. I've been eying that jacket at Target for a while! I just can't decide if it belongs in my closet or not...I love it on you!

    Glad you & Zack had a good Thanksgiving in Canada - how was the wedding?

    I'm totally a crazy dog lady so I know the feeling about your cats! Our dog is SO spoiled! But I love her soooooo much!!!

  3. I love the outfit.. and the contrast with the fire hydrant! Great pictures!

    By the way, I'm giving away a $50 Sephora gift card on my blog!

  4. pets are always part of the family. it's not crazy at all to be madly in love with them. i don't have cats, but i have a dog...and we call him our kids furry brother!

  5. I have the same sweater and have not found a way to make it look as chic, I love the way you layered the necklace over top, so chic! I'm thankful for my dog so don't worry, totally normal to be thankful for pets haha

    Alexandra xo

  6. I have that sweater but I've been struggling with how to style it. Maybe I'll just throw a denim jacket over it. Love how it looks on you!

  7. Great necklace, love the photos... the random yellow fire hydrant also works really well!

  8. Ohhh love the striped sweater and moto jacket!
    I'm pretty sure that someday i will be a crazy cat lady, but not just yet.

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Love, love, love that sweater!!! Gorgeous necklace too!!! :)

  10. Haha, of course you love your cats. If you owned them and didn't love them, THEN we would worry. Love the sweater :)

  11. Haha love the fire hydrant. And such a cute sweater...looks great!

    The Other Side of Gray


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