Hometown 3

boots - steve madden, socks - h&m, jeans - f21, tank&top&bangles - local boutique (ragz dressware), purse - marshalls, sunnies - crush, jacket - rw&co

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I am without a doubt thankful today for my hometown, Kelowna B.C.!!  I haven't lived here in more the 9 years but it never loses its charm.  I am lucky that my whole family still lives here and I can visit any time I would like.  I do however have to big pat on the back to all you lovelies out there that live in cold weather towns .... I have no idea how you still look so super stylish and manage to take photos in that weather!! Wow, it was a challenge today just to get me to take my coat off!  I realize how spoiled we are in San Diego.


  1. gorgeous photos! yep, here in minneapolis, i plan on doing a lot of indoor shots (boring, i know)...but what else can you do? freeze, i guess!

  2. WOW...That background! GORGEOUS! What a beautiful place to grow up! Thanks for the props on the cold weather living :o) I will forever be jealous of anyone living in San Diego. THAT is my perfect weather year 'round.

  3. What pretty pictures! the scenery is GORGEOUS and i love your outfits. Canada is definitely on my list of places to visit. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it!


    xo, kelsey belle

  4. Stunning pictures!


  5. outfit photos can be brutal in the winter, but you don't look like you are cold at all - and for a backdrop like that, you had better go out there and freeze everyday you are home!

  6. I like your be thankful posts. And this top is great on you, lovely colors.

  7. Love the bag...and beautiful scenery :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Love the look of thick socks under boots :) Wish I could justify wearing that in San Diego sometimes hehe

    and how cool that you get to go home and visit Canada. Looks so so beautiful :)

  9. Holy beautiful! You look ah-mazing!

    I've never been to B.C but it's on my list of places I'd love to visit in Canada!

    This will be my first year blogging through the winter, I see it being a very hard few months to blog :( But hopefully the weather lets up some days!


  10. so fun to see Ktown in the background! Love that purse Jess, hope you're having a great birthday!
    xo Cara


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