Birthdays 4

shoes - gap outlet, jeans - local boutique (ragz dressware), shirt - america eagle, scarf - world market, sunnies - crush, bracelets - made by me

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Today my "be thankful" is going to have to be for birthdays!  Yesterday was Zack's birthday and even though the day did not go as planned ... we were supposed to go sky diving but it rained one of the 10 days a year we get rain ... of course right?!?!  We will be doing it anyways sometime in the near future when the weather is great.  I am super happy when it comes to birthdays, and thankful that my Hubby was brought into this world, his birthday is one of my favorite days because without it there would be no him!  November is such a busy month for birthdays for us around here ... it is Zack's older brothers the day before his, then his on the 6th, then mine and my dad's on the same day ... November is just one big party!!  So happy birthday to all you November babes out there!!


  1. Happy belated to your hubby!! My mom always said rain on your birthday is really good luck ;)

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  2. Aw this post is so touching :). Happy birthday to your hubby, though seriously what are the chances of it raining on his day? :(. Oh well, you two can do it again another time! Such a stunning look love, you look gorgeous.

    Alexandra xo

  3. Happy birthday to all those lovely people you mentioned, including yourself!

    I just celebrated my friend birthday on the 6th and my boyfriends is on the 12th, but unfortunately I won't be there to celebrate with him.

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  4. That sucks that the weather had to post-pone such adventures, hope you'll get a beautiful and partylicious november!

  5. This outfit is gorgeous! So simple but yet so stylish. I love the scarf especially!! xo

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  6. Love those flats!

    Happy bday Zack! Sky diving, huh? You guys are brave!


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