A Glimpse In Time

A Glimpse In Time 6

Mom and Zack at the apple orchards in Julian

A Glimpse In Time 5

Wine tasting at the Blue Door winery in Julian

A Glimpse In Time 4

A Glimpse In Time 3

Next stop for wine tasting with some horses apparently ( I think he was trying to bite me!)

A Glimpse In Time 2

after a long day of flea market shopping it was off to the beach to watch the sun set

A Glimpse In Time

Here is just a few photos from when my Mom was visiting.  As I said, we had a great time!  The Blue Door winery was one of our favorites.  We also got to watch an amazing sunset one night while Zack took tons of pictures of us having fun and being silly!  Thanks for the great time Mom, we always love when you come and visit!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Looks like fun! I'm so jealous you were in Julian!! I love that place but haven't been since probably high school. Visits from Mom are THE BEST! Have a great weekend Jess!

  2. how fun! i see where you get your good looks from! =)

  3. What happy memories!! LOVE the 3rd pic of you - you look stunning. And I agree with two birds, you can def. see where you get your good looks! That last pic should be framed :) Oh, and now I want to go wine tasting!!!!

  4. Adorable pics!!!


  5. What pretty pictures! This makes me so excited to be back in CA!!

  6. great pictures!!

  7. You and your mom are beyond adorable (that last photo is perfection!)


  8. Oh Jess I just love these photos with your Mom, you two look perfect together, and it looks like you had a lot of fun...love the "LOVE" sign in the sky-so cute!xo Cara


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