Set Up Clothing

Set Up Clothing 2

shoes&jacket - marshalls, jeans - ragz dressware (local boutique), tank - old navy, sunnies - crush, bag - thrifted betsy johnson 

Set Up Clothing 4

Set Up Clothing 3

yes, this may just be my "blue steal" impression ... so what?!?! haha

Set Up Clothing
O.k, I am not getting set up on a date or anything like that ... people I am married ... and I am madly in love with him by the way!  I am not sure if anyone else in my world deals with this (but if you do please help a girl out) but on the weekends, as I have mentioned before .... I work with the Hubby and we do special events.  Think weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs .... corporate stuff, you know, a lot of drinking (not for us unfortunately) and a lot of fun.  The thing is I am always trying to "dress to impress" and it is so hard when you have to haul around speakers and things that I don't even know what they are and way too heavy for me.  So this is my attempt to look good without ruining something that I truly love.  So how do all you lovelies do it?? I mean wear clothing that you might, and I say "might" very lightly, be willing to throw away or have to convert into a new item in your world.  What do you do, I am very interested to know.  I am so very curious what you Mommies out there do ... you ladies truly amaze me!!!


  1. I would probably pick out an outfit almost exactly like this! You don't look at all like you're getting ready to go move equipment around but you don't look way overdone either. When I'm dressing for something like that, I always think "would I care if this gets ruined & I have to toss it?" (sounds like you already do this) Then I pair it with jeggings & some comfy boots. Also, if I'm shopping I'll specifically grab some of the $2-$5 tanks at F21 & buy those knowing I don't care if they get ruined cuz they cost me next to nothing.

  2. I really like the tank idea from F21, I think I will have to do that for sure!!

  3. You really do look amazing but in a very easy way that says you didn't try too hard! I love it and I especially love your boots!! I want are they from?


  4. I love this look, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful you are!
    I think the way a woman carries herself truly makes a good outfit into a wonderful one!
    It's nice to be able to work with your best friend, although I don't think I'd be able to work with mine, haha. We clash on things sometimes, work is one of them.

    First time reader, and totally in love with your blog :)

  5. If this is what you wear to lug around things, then I have tons of respect for you. I spandex it up for stuff like this, you look beautiful and so put-together! Love it!

    Alexandra xo

  6. Great look! Lovely pics!

  7. I think this is a very cute outfit, and probably what I would wear too. It seems easy to move around in, something you don't have to worry about fidgeting or being uncomfortable in - plus, you look great while doing it!! :)

  8. Aother cute post dear, really lovely and stunning as usual :))

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    It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3

  9. I think this outfit is really cute! And I love your hair in it too. For a "cute casual" look I usually do black leggings, my chambray shirt and some cute flat boots (or flats) but if you need to be more on the dressy side, all black with some contrasting boots would be cute (doesn't show sweat haha) and always looks somewhat put together in my opinion.

  10. It's really tough when you have to wear something that might take a beating - but I think you did well - you look adorable!
    I certainly hope none of these become casualties of the job!

    Chic on the Cheap


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