Birchbox Review #2

Birchbox Review #2

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          Last months Birchbox

 Birchbox Review

So last month when I got my second Birchbox I did a bit of a write up on the one from the month before.  I got some good feedback so I figured I would go right ahead and do it again ... if it ain't broke don't fix it right.  So the top photo is what I recieved in the mail the other day and I have already started to test those babies out.  So here is the scoop on last months ...

Resilient Blinc Mascara - would I buy it .... nope.  This stuff did not do the trick or me, I have pretty think lashes so it just kinda clumped them all together and gave them the wet look.  I perfer much more definition them clumping ... and for the price ($24) I am out.

Adventurous Incoco Nail Polish Applique - this I did like, I am not too sure if maybe I didn't quite apply it right but it started to chip a little on the third day.  However I can handle this due to the fact that I don't have to wait for my nails to dry!  It is just a stick on kinda thing,  I have also given Sally Hansens version a try and have had NO success with them ... so for me these babies are better.

Practical Jouer Lip Enhancer - Love this stuff, smells great and makes my lips super soft ... this is the only thing I actually bought from last months Birchbox.  They say it plumps ... I am not sure if I saw that but I did really like it.

Eco-Minded Liv Green Perfume -  Love the smell of this stuff ... it isn't too strong and stuff ... more on the light and fruity scent spectrum.  I can be pretty sensitive to perfumes so for it not to give me a headache is a good thing and while wearing it I was headache free!  I did not purchase this one but I am on a hunt for a great perfume right now so you never know, it is up there as a fav ... it just didn't seem to last all that long.

Hope you like the review ... let me know what you think, and if you are interested in Birchbox let me know ( they hook you up with points if you send people their way, and who doesn't like a little bonus, hehe). 


  1. i love reading other people's thoughts on makeup. while i would probably never spend $24 on mascara, it's still good to know not to buy it!!

  2. you've got a great blog!

  3. I loved your last Birchbox review, and this one is fabulous, too! It's always fun to see what other products people have tried and liked... And even better, the ones they didn't like- always saves me some time at the store!

  4. I disliked last months Birchbox so much that I canceled my subscription. I on the other hand, loved Blinc mascara when I got it the month before.


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