Take Over Tuesdays!!

3 years ago, before meeting Jess, if you looked in my record collection it would be hard to find a country music album.  Its not that I dislike country, its just I never had that connection.  3 years later I am proud to say I really like country music.  So all you country fans out there should know who Miranda Lambert is; but do you know that she rounded up two of her musician BFFs and formed the group called the Pistol Annies, with Tennessee native Ashley Monroe and and eastern Kentuckian Angaleena Presley.  

From last weeks post with the contest for guessing Jessica's age, we have a winner with a guess of her age being 30-31.  Jess is 30 and will be 31 in November.

Natasha from Style.DUJOUR is our winner!!

Please contact Jessica and we will send out your $20.00 I Tunes gift card.  Thank you to everyone who participated and check in every Tuesday for more giveaways to come!




  1. Thank u so much!Is there anything else u need, here is my e-mail


  2. I love Miranda Lambert! Going to see her this Thursday in concert :) And I'm excited to listen to that song right now too!

  3. Dang! I was off on my guess. But I am pleasantly surprise to see we are about the same age (I turned 30 this March). I LOVE seeing us 30-somethings represented in the blogging world!

  4. I'm so glad to see some country! I love this song but didn't know Miranda Lambert was part of the group (no wonder the voice sounded familiar). Would love to see some more country music here!


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