Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer 4

shoes - payless, shorts - american eagle( used to be jeans), blazer - ragz dressware, shirt&tank - old (unsure), necklace - new gift from my Mom, clutch - marshalls

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer 3

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer

Once Upon A Time ... When It Was Warmer 2
Yes, this outfit is old ... I wore it sometime last week when the weather was much much nicer.  I also cut a pair of old jeans( that I had not worn in a very long time) into jean shorts.  I can't say I have done this since probably high school.  And let me tell you, that was some time ago!  I have to say I actually kinda like them minus the fact that in some of my photos it looks like I am wearing nothing on my bottom half.  Haha, oppps!  I also totally stole this outfit from Pinterest ... what a amazing place ... if you have not heard of it please check it out.  But please be warned ... you will be addicted .... very very addicted!  Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully I will have some fun pictures from our trip to Las Vegas.


  1. look at your hot legs! i love this outfit!! and that necklace is amazing! have fun in vegas!

  2. love the blazer with the shorts, and those open toe booties are so cute!
    I am so addicted to pinterest, it is crazy, but so much fun!

    Happy Weekend!

    xo Cara

  3. So today I'm dying over the blazer & those Payless shoes! I think I mentioned before I saw those at Payless, tried them on & loved them but didn't buy cuz I wasn't sure how I'd wear them. Every time I see you in them I kick myself a little!

    Have a BLAST in Vegas! I love that place! :o)

  4. Aw, missing those warmer days!! Especially today because it's SO cold & drizzly. I absolutely adore this look, so beautifully styled, and those shoes are divine! Enjoy your weekend hun. xo veronika

  5. lovely necklace!



  6. How cute!! Love this look - and great job cutting the jeans. I have done it before but they came out so uneven!


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