Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink 2
boots - ebay (tony lama), jeans - f21, shirt - white house black market, blazer - h&m, necklace - guess

Shades of Pink 4
Shades of Pink 3
Shades of Pink 1 Seriously, have you had enough of my pink outfits yet???  I hope not cause I am not sure if there is a end to my new found love for pink.  This here is my first attempt at wearing different shades of a color together ... I like it and I plan on trying more of it in the future!  Here's to the blogging world of teaching me new things all the time!


  1. Ooh loving the monochromatic pinks! I love wearing pink too, it's so girly and fun :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Wow another great outfit! I love those jeans, such a good color!
    Have a happy Wednesday!

  3. Pink is my favorite color! You look great in it, love the whole outfit!

  4. Cute look! I like the look of mixing two shades of the same color as well. Nicely done!

  5. So cute! I love the mixed shades of pink, and that necklace is really pretty :)

  6. love the two pinks and that statement necklace!
    xo Cara

  7. what a lovely outfit! I'm a new follower, your blog is wonderful, all the colors are you wear are very inspirational for me, because I'm trying at the moment to work more colors and patterns into my closet!
    Perhaps you find some time to visit my blog too and if you like it, I'd be happy to have you also as a reader and follower!

    xxx Anita

  8. Love the jeans, u look great!

  9. Those hot pink jeans look awesome on you...bright and bold, I love it!

  10. I love the two colors together. I think it is cute!


  11. Keep the pink coming, I love it! Love the mix of the dusky pink with the hot pink...for some reason, I'm okay with mixing all other colours but I really struggle with mixing pinks. Why?? Haha so annoying, especially whe I see someone pull it off as expertly as you!

    Alexandra xo

  12. I am SO inspired by the mixture of hot pink and blush pink!! Such a cute outfit.

  13. What an interesting colour palette would never have paired them myself! Love your boots too!
    Daisy Dayz

  14. I want your pink blazer! I have been looking for one just like it!



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