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Boots - tony lama (ebay), Jeans - jolt, Button up - american eagle, Leather Jacket - aeropostale, Hat - brixton, Rings - h&m and from Costa Rica, Necklace - etsy

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I truly believe that my neighbors think that me and the Hubby are crazy!!  We are always wondering around the neighborhood taking photos of me posing all silly and all.  I have come to the conclusion that the only thing to do when they stare so awkwardly is to wave!  Yup, that's right ... look them right in the eye with a big ol smile and a wave.  It seems to work cause they run off pretty darn quick.  Also, I am just in love with this hat!! Seriously, thank goodness it didn't fit my Mom and I got to scoop it up for myself (sorry Mom).


  1. amazing jacket and hat!! love your cowboy boots and the color of your pants!!

  2. You look so cute in that hat! And I love the color of your pants :)

    I have done the same thing before, wave at people who are staring - although I seem even crazier because I don't have a photographer, just a tripod :D Embarrassing!

  3. You look great in that hat. I wish I was a hat person! And I love your boots. They are super cool and look great with those cranberry pants. You look amazing, as usual.

  4. I hear ya, you have to just own it!!

    Love the bright red pants and that cute hat!

    xo Cara

  5. Haha I've come to the same conclusion, especially since we take a lot of pics near our building. Oh well, right? You look super cute here, love the hat and you certainly rock the coloured denim :) xo

  6. Love the details on the back pocket of those pants!

  7. Love those red pants on you..and I'm sure my neighbors feel the same way about me lol


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