Viva Las Vegas!

 Hangers - Marshalls

Hey everyone, so this weekend Zack's mom and sister arrived to stay for the week.  We decide it would be a great idea to surprise Zack's Mom by telling her we where going to Palm Springs and then take her Las Vegas.  It all worked out great other then the fact that after driving for about an hour Zack realized he forgot his phone, which isn't the most important thing but his ID and credit cards are also in it so that was a major problem!  So off we went back to the house.  We got the phone and the ID, had one of our first bathroom breaks and grabbed some breakfast and we where off, for the second time.  Little did we realize that there was going to be one more obstacle .... a flat tire about 45 minutes into it!  Thank goodness we got it all taken care of relatively quickly and off we went.  Lets just say, we got up at 6 am and should have been here around 10:30 ..... we got here at 2!  At least we are here!!  
So posts this week may not be of outfits but I promise when we get back from Vegas I will have some great shots!  Oh, and I got a new camera so this should be super fun!  Let me just leave you with a picture of something that has changed my life, yes, these are hangers!  I had no idea I could get anymore clothes in my closet but these babies are amazing!!  You should really get yourself some, they will change your life too.

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