Up up and away

boots - ebay (tony lama), dress & belt - ragz dressware, jacket - american eagle

So here is the thing, I have been wanting to start a blog for quite sometime now.  I have been following some lovely ladies now for a couple of months.  It all really started when a girlfriend of mine sent me a link to her little sisters blog that she had just started and was trying to get some followers.  I really enjoyed her blog and I guess you can say she was a bit of my inspiration to start my very own blog.  And now,  2 months or so later I am making my attempt, I hope you enjoy!  Please check out Cara's blog http://www.afashionloveaffair.com/ it is really great!

I also wanted to start my blog off with this very outfit.  Reason being that #1 - it makes me feel great, and #2 - it is the first "really great" outfit I think I have come up with ( well, in the last little while anyways). The reason I say this is because a little while ago I wore it to run to the mall to grab something and I had more then 5 people compliment me on my "outfit".  Now what you have to understand about this whole thing here is that that does not really happen to ME very often!  I mean I think I dress pretty darn good, but to get straight up compliments from perfect strangers, now that is a accomplishment in the fashion world for me!!  And I'll take it!

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