Thrifting and me, who would have thought...

shoes - joe fresh, skirt - thrifted for loft, shirt - joe fresh, belt - not sure anymore, necklace - ragz dressware

So here is the thing, I have never been a big thrift store shopper.  The main reason being I don't have the patience to take the time to look through all the stuff in there, the racks seem to be so packed and I am always in a bit of a hurry.  Another reason might be that I was raised in a town where the only real thrift store was Value Village (don't get me wrong here I do love it) , and if you have ever been to one you might understand what I mean, that store is overwhelming people, it's huge and it has so much stuff!!  Now that I have moved to southern California my whole life has changed, including thrift store shopping.  For those of you who don't know, San Diego is a thrift store shoppers dream! I have never in my life experienced so many thrift stores and on top of it all they are usually filled with all sorts of gems!  Now getting to the point, this skirt is a thrift store find and to make it better the store is just a hop skip and a jump out my front door! ( kinda hard not to stop in there everyday if you know what I am saying ...) I got it for 12 dollars and it is from Loft, and I simply love it.  I don't own much red in my closet and was a little leery about buying this little puppy but in the end I am very happy with my purchase, she's a keeper!

The last two pictures are me just goofing around, it seems I get a little crazy after taking strange pictures of just me trying to look and pretty and stuff.  Let me tell you, it can get a little weird and I have just started this whole thing, I guess I have some adjusting to do!


  1. So excited about your blog Jess! Too bad Blogger went down right when you started, but it is up and running so all is well ;) Love this outfit, the red with the stripes is a perfect combo, and well done on finding that skirt, what a sweet deal!
    Looking forward to more posts...
    xo Cara

  2. I just attributed the last two poses to having your goofball husband behind the camera. ;)

    Great job with the blog, keep it up!

  3. You know Heather, you hit the nail right on the head, Zack makes taking these pictures fun and I end up looking like a bit of a nut sometimes but I love it!


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