Polka dots and red, oh how I love thee!

                                  shoes - aldo, jeans - f21, polka dot shirt - ragz dressware, sweater - loft, belt - calvin klein

I have something to admit, I just LOVE polka dots!  They can be small or big, any color out there and I will take them.  Sadly,  I don't own much for clothing in the polka dot world.  I am however on a mission to acquire more.  As for the "red" in this blog title, well all you got to do is check out the hot red shoes I am wearing.  I think every girl out these needs a pair of shoes like this, you can put them on with any outfit that you just feel might be a little too plain and out of nowhere your outfit becomes super spicy! Love the red shoes!  Oh, and I almost forgot, gotta have red lips to finish it all off.  I have to say, I am not much of a lipstick wearing type of girl but with the red shoes it just feels right.

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