Jersey Shore ...

shoes - steve madden, skirt - thrifted (forever21), tank top - forever21, leather jacket - aeropostale, necklace - purchase from Italy

I asked Zack what he thought of this outfit and his response was, " you look like you are from the Jersey Shore".  My response was, "What??!?!".  I think it is the skirt, which I happen to love.  I also picked up this skirt at the little thrift store around the corner from my house for 5 dollars.  It was a score and Jersey Shore or not I think I will continue to rock it.


  1. The skirt is amazing and the outfits rocks!


  2. I love that first photo, it looks amazing! And that skirt is hot hot hot, you look great in this outfit!
    xo Cara

  3. thanks ladies, it means a lot to me!!


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