Borrowed 4

Shoes - Nordstrom Rack, Denim & Blazer - F21, Tank - Old Navy, Sunnies - Crush, Pup - Miss Muffin (Borrowed from Ryan and Romina!!)

Borrowed 3
Borrowed 2
Borrowed 1
As I am can sure you can tell from the title of this post this isn't my doggy ... she belongs to good friends of ours who came down to visit over the weekend.  She is just the cutest little fluff ball out there but I must admit ... she is a bit camera shy.  She kinda wanted nothing to do with facing the camera, who can blame her really.  This outfit is a little something that I wore to an event we did over the weekend, comfy yet just dressy enough to fit in.


  1. My dog is a camera hog, he just doesn't want to share the photo and if you try he just doesn't anything to do with it! A cute little fluff ball indeed, and you look lovely and ready to do anything on your weekend adventures!

  2. I'm not sure it's camera shy so much as being a dog. "OH! Squirrel! Over there!"


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