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Wedges - Cathy Jean, Grey Denim - F21, Shirt - Nordstrom Rack, Necklace - World Market, Watch - Nixon, Sunnies - Crush, Bag - Lancaster

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Ahh, today is a great day.  These photos were not taken today ... they are from last week ... just a little something I wore to some meetings and breakfast with some friends of the hubbies.  But today is the best day ... why you may ask ... well it is our wedding anniversary!!  A day I look forward to all year!!  You see, Zack ( the hubby) and I go to Las Vegas every year on this day to celebrate.  We got married at the court house here in San Diego the first time around ... and just because we love each other so darn much we got married a second time on our one year anniversary in Las Vegas so that family and friends could be there and now it has been tradition to always go back and have the time of our life!  I'm not gonna lie ... I would seriously love to have another wedding .... weddings are the best way to party with family and friends!!


  1. love the purple!!!

  2. lovely look!

  3. So sweet, happy anniversary! Hope you two have an amazing time celebrating :) And I looove that necklace, Jess! xo

  4. happy anniversary! glad to hear you are still so happy and in love. hope you have many, many more wonderful anniversaries.
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  5. that sounds like such a fun tradition! have fun!! x


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