Taste of Cabo

Taste of Cabo 4

Shoes - Cathy Jean, Dress - H&M, Clutch - Target, Watch - Nixon, Necklace - Jamie Rodriguez

Taste of Cabo 3
Taste of Cabo 1
I bought this dress just for our trip to Cabo .... a white dress just screams vacation to me!  I also fell in love with the little cut out in the back of the dress ( which is kinda hard to see).  The only darn problem here is the fact that the dress is white and white and I never really seem to get along!!  I mean, I wore this dress once and already had a few scares that I may never get to wear it again due to the fact that food just loves to find its way to white!  I think I managed to save it though.   On, and  this is our hotel patio in these shots (just in case you were wondering) .... great view!


  1. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :) such a CUTE dress girl!! New follower via email


  2. You look fabulous! Can't wait to see more pics from the trip!

  3. You look gorgeous! Love the outfit, I actually just took that clutch back yesterday! Kori ;-)

  4. It's a gorgeous dress, I always feel like food wants jump onto me when I'm wearing white too!

  5. va va voom! can't go wrong with a white dress, love the blue clutch with it!
    xo Cara

  6. did you get this dress recently? i love it! you look amazing!!

  7. wow you look amazing! i love the white dress. Even if you only get one use out of it it is sooo worth it :)if you spill you can always dye it a new color!

  8. Great view is right! You look fabulous!


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