Fakes 1

Shoes & Shirt - Gap, Jeans - Guess, Blazer - H&M, Earrings & Long Necklace & Bangles - F21, Sunnies - fake Ray Bans from Thailand

Fakes 4
Fakes 2
Fakes 3
So here is the question of the day .... do you buy the name brand sunglasses or do you buy the fakes.  At the rate that I brake or lose my sunnies I gotta buy the fakes.  I mean, I would love to own a really great pair and treat them like my baby and be so afraid to lose them or drop them but the reality is .... not this girl.  What do you do, invest or buy fakes????


  1. Oh, I would never buy expensive sunglasses. I lose and/or break mine way too often! I am all about the fakes. I am loving your blazer. You look fabulous!

  2. I never buy expensive sunglasses because I always end up either sitting on them and cracking the lenses, or I just lose them. I can't have nice things, evidently :)

  3. the one time I bought designer shades, I lost them at the beach!

  4. Cute outfit! Especially love that fun top! I bought cheapies for years and was never happy with them. I finally found a good pair I love for about $100 and have been thrilled with them ever since. Because they're more expensive I think I'm much more cautious about keeping them safe too!

  5. Great outfit! Love the color combination! I bought a few designer sunglasses that I take really good care of and then use my less expensive sunnies when I know they might get broken or lost, like snowboarding, at the beach, etc.


  6. I do buy designer sunnies because then I'm more careful with them! My $5 Charlotte Russe cheap-o Ray-Bans always get lost or broken, but my $150 Coach glasses? Pristine and always at the ready. :)

  7. Fakes always. I am always losing, scratching, or breaking my sunglasses.

  8. You have adorable style! I love the bright blue blazer and the printed blouse :) And for me, it's usually always fakes. I do want to own a pair of Tom Ford cat eye sunnies but right now, the most expensive pair I own is my Ray Bans (and I didn't even buy them, they were a gift!)

    Xo Chelle

  9. I buy cheap sunglasses cause I break mine all the time...love your blazer and shoes, you look fab!

  10. love the blazer!


  11. Beautiful pictures and look! I'm enjoying reading your past posts and am a new follower:)

  12. I love the blue blazer. I usually buy one pair of expensive sunglasses, and then hold on to them for 4-5 years. But I am pretty responsible with them, and keep them close at all times.


  13. I'm a girl that is alway looking for the look for less, however I invested in a couple of pairs of sunglasses a few years ago (Oliver People's aviators and Chanel tortoise shell)and surprisingly enough I still have them. I'm sure I'll lose them now that I write this...ha ha. Hope not. But if I do lose them, they'll be replaced by some fakes.



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