Ski Bunny

Ski bunny 4

Boots - Uggs, Pants&Shirt&Vest - Gap, Scarf - Gift from a Friend, Bag - Calvin Klein, Sunnies - Crush

Ski bunny 3
Ski bunny 2
Ski bunny 1
The truth is there is no skiing going on in this post.  I would however wear this if I was cruising around a ski resort .... well, maybe with a few more layers though!  Like everywhere else in the country, it has been much colder than usual around here and it has called for pulling out some of my much warmer clothing.  I am just grateful if doesn't snow here in San Diego ... I have 28 years of that while living in Canada .... and I am not going to lie .... I just don't miss the snow.


  1. I didn't realize you lived in Canada for so long. I would be over the snow too!

  2. I am from Vancouver and we never got much snow there either! I loved that...and then I moved to Southern Alberta because that's where my husband is from. Now we have snow for half the year...I can only dream of living in San Diego!


  3. Cute and comfy, I love the red vest!


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