A Whole Lot of Red ... or Maybe Orange

a whole lot of red 4

Boots - Vince Camuto, Black Jeggings & Turtle Neck - Gap, Vest - Ruche, Scarf -
World Market, Bag - Calvin Klein, Sunnies - Crush

a whole lot of red 3
a whole lot of red 2
a whole lot of red 1
It's funny, red really isn't a color that I have much of in my wardrobe until lately.  I find myself really trying to add new colors to my closet all the time.  It is hard however cause I always find myself gravitating to the same bright colors and I for sure need to add more neutrals to my wardrobe!  What about you guys .... what colors do you find you are drawn to for the most part???  


  1. I bought a sweater in New York in a super bright reddish/orange and I loved it because on me it looked more orange and I NEVER wear orange. Well, I got it out into the daylight and it's red, which is fine but I really wanted orange. Anyway, I'm not sure why I went on that tangent, it must have been on my mind when you said something about colors we gravitate towards!

  2. I love the fur vest! I'm usually drawn to pinks/corals/golds/browns/beiges. But that is just the last few months! My favorite colours change every few months. Before my pink phase I was all about purple and gray. I try to colour-code my closet so when I'm shopping I'm not purchasing ANOTHER pink top!


  3. Love all of your pops of red! I'm most drawn towards turquoise and pink, and really am trying to make a conscious effort to branch out a bit :)

  4. love your fur vest! so pretty!


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