Brightness 1

Shoes - Steve Madden, Denim - Target, Tank Top - Old Navy, Cardi - Gap, Bag - Melie Bianco, Sunnies - Crush, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Necklaces - Sohia&Chloe and Jamie Rodriguez

Brightness 3
Brightness 2
Brightness 4

These are just a few pictures from last week when it was really nice and sunny .... it is no longer like that around here!  Let me just say this .... I know that most of the country is covered in snow so with that in mind I really am not complaining .... hey, I am from Canada after all!!!  I hope your Monday is wonderful  ... well as wonderful as a Monday can be.


  1. It looks so warm where you are! We haven't had sunshine all weekend and I miss it! Love that pop of color from the shirt!

  2. great shoes and bag!! love the color of your top!!

  3. Love the bright color! And that it's tucked into your jeans. So cute!


  4. love this look! i have similar shoes and will most definitely be styling them with something hot pink :)

    xox brie

  5. Loving this bright look for winter!

  6. LOVE this outfit! So simple but bright and fun. And the leopard flats....the best.

    Olive & Ivy

  7. Even if it's not sunny, I bet you're having pretty awesome weather right now ;) Although these pictures are particularly jealousy-inducing... I'm dreaming of sun! I love the bright pop of colour your added with your top, the shade is so vibrant it's practically leaping out of the photos!


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