Big Glasses and a Little Bit of Orange

big glasses and orange 4

Boots - Target , White Denim - Zara, Sweater - Target, Necklace - Francesca's, Sunnies - Crush

big glasses and orange 2
big glasses and orange 3
big glasses and orange

Nothing better than just throwing on some big glasses and rocking a bright and vibrant outfit!!  That is what we have here folks .... you can see me in this sweater a mile away!!  Oh, and one more thing ... these boots are the best I have bought in some time ... and believe me when I tell you cause I am a wimp when it comes to heels!!  I can't wear these lovely booties around all day and not have sore feet .... AMAZING!!


  1. I think those colors are sooo perfect!

  2. I love the color of the sweater and the pop of baby blue!


  3. yes, i love red and mint! this is so cute!

  4. I love the light and brighness of this outfit. I can't really get away with wearing much light colours in the winter because they snow and muck gets everywhere...especially when I'm toting kids I guess I'll just have to wishfully admire everyone else rocking the white pants!!


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