Maxi 4

Sandals - Target, Maxi Skirt - Old Navy, Tank - Target (similar), Vest - Old Navy (similar), Bag - Melie Bianco, Sunnies - Crush, Necklace - F21, Bracelets - Sophia&Chloe

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I am without a doubt having a love hate relationship with this here maxi skirt.  I love how comfortable it is, but on the other hand I have a hard time styling it.  In all honesty I want to wear it pretty much every day .... the real problem is styling it.  The problem I have is trying to get it not to feel too frumpy.  Do you ever experience this .... how do you deal with this and style you maxi skirt??  This girl need some help!


  1. I am in love with your outfit and blog :)
    follow back, if you like ;)

  2. I have the same issues with maxi skirts. I love how comfy they are, but never quite feel as if I'm styling it correctly. I think you did a great job. I love the leopard sandals with the color of the skirt. And really, I think the slightly dropped waist keeps that skirt from being frumpy at all.

  3. I agree with Gracey! And I also have a hard time styling maxis. I think it's b/c it exensuates the widest part of the body. I try to wear mine with fitted tops to show I'm not all hip!

    Love the color of yours!


  4. I think you styled it perfectly! Also, lucky you to be out in sandals and sleeveless tops. Me and my layers are envious!

    Fleur de Lyss

  5. I always have a hard time styling my maxis too. I see a lot of people who knot tops so that they line right up with the top of the skirt, but I have not been bold enough to try that. I typically throw a fitted tee on and layer with a cardigan and a scarf.

  6. That skirt is such a lovely colour! I don't have a maxi skirt (yet) but I think i would pair it with a nice chunky sweater (coming from Canada LOL). happy friday xo

  7. I'm jealous that you can be outside in this outfit right now, it is freezing here! That skirt is gorgeous, I love the color!

  8. That is an absolutely gorgeous color for that skirt!

  9. I love my maxi skirts! before it got deathly cold out I was wearing them several times a week. just try to think of them as being jeans and your styling problems will vanish. or check out pinterest (or my blog, since I own that skirt 2x, haha)

  10. I love this maxi skirt! The color is perfect. And you've styled it great!



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