Red and Blue

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 Shoes - Cathy Jean, Skirt & Belt & Tank - Local Boutique, Necklace - F21, Bag - Melie Bianco

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Here is a little something I have learned since I have started my blog ... sometimes buying cheaper clothes isn't always better just because of the price.  Before I had this little old blog of mine I never would have thought twice about it.  I would just buy what I liked ... didn't really matter the price, though if it was kinda expensive I would hum and haw over it forever.  Now with having a blog, and seeing most of my clothes photographed my mind has seriously changed!  I give my clothes a much more thorough check through .... like the cut, the stitching, the material.  Don't get me wrong, I still shop at those big box stores ... I just make sure that what I am purchasing is just right ... cause we all want our money to go a long way right?!?!  How about you, do you only buy quality clothing or do you prefer the better price????


  1. I go back and forth. For my trendy pieces I really don't care that much about quality and if I get a wholes season or two and don't spend nearly as much on it as I would a great, classic black sweater.

  2. I cannot believe you are wearing a sleeveless top and skirt in November! I am so jealous!

  3. I love your hair! I haven't checked you blog for a little but and I love it! For me I totally agree with you, sometimes I splurge but only on certain items. I love stocking up and H&M and F21 though. Certain things are silly to pay a lot for! I love your wedges and shoes. Great outfit.

  4. so pretty and stylish, beautiful outfit and lovely pics.
    Parfum pas cher

  5. I understand the value of an investment piece, but I usually make mine accessories rather than clothes, since they will last longer. One good leather bag is definitely worth 10 cheap plastic ones.

    Love your red skirt - it's adorable!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Super cute outfit. Love the colors.


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