Horse Riding

Horse Rider 1

Boots - F21, White Denim - Zara, Shirt - Thrifed, Scarf - Marshall's, Bag - Melie Bianco, Earrings & Bracelets - In Pink

Horse Rider 4
Horse Rider 3
Horse Rider 2

So, according to the Hubby this outfit says I am going out to ride a horse.  I found that really funny for some reason, I chalk it up to the new boots ... they are high and I am wearing white pants ... so maybe one day I will ride a horse in this outfit ... until now it just gets to make an appearance on my blog.  Now let me tell you something else ... this little outfit didn't just appear in my brain out of no where ... oh no, I got my inspiration from this lovely lady!!   Yes, I am a thief ... but you got to check out her blog ... tons of great outfit ideas!!  Her name is Audrey and her blog is Putting Me Together ... so go check it out!


  1. My boyfriend also asks why I like to dress like I am going to ride a hose. Sigh, men.

  2. Apparently you can't wear skinny jeans and knee high boots unless you are getting on a horse. Who knew?

  3. Haha nothing like some chic riding boots! I love the leopard scarf you added too :)

    Trendy Teal

  4. I think you look lovely, whether you're actually riding horse or not. Love the addition of the leopard!

  5. Hi there, I love this look on you. It's a nice mix of elements. I like that the bag and the boots are not tone on tone. Well done! We have a couple of shared favourite Canadian reads with MyEdit and ToVogueorBust.

    Sue xo


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