At it Again

at it again 4

Boots - Target, Denim - Target, Shirt - Target, Clutch - Target, Necklace - F21, Hat - Made by Me (FINALLY, something not from Target ... think I like it much?!?!?)

at it again 3
at it again 1
at it again 2

Holy moley .... clearly I didn't realize yesterday that everything I am wearing is from Target .... I guess the cat is out of the bag ... I am in love with Target.  How do they do it ... I run in for toothpaste and then I come out with a whole outfit ... one that I love of course!!  O.k. ... other than my Target obsession ... crocheting!!!  Seriously, I am on a roll!!  I have made tow hats now and a hand full of slippers ... I am a crocheting maniac!  The things you can learn from YouTube these days, gotta love the technology world we live in ... right?!?!


  1. I know! How did people learn anything before the internet?

    Target does have some fun things... I always have to check out the clearance rack every time I go.

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  3. I'm a Canadian reader, and I desperately wish we had a Target! Or lived closer to the border. And I wish I knew how to crochet! Love the hat. Did someone teach you, or did you teach yourself?

    1. yay ... I just love having Canadian readers since I am Canadian myself!! I watched a YouTube video to learn how to crochet ... it was super easy!!'

  4. Love those boots Jess!
    xo Cara


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