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 Boots - Steve Madden, Denim - Jolt, Shirt - Nordstrom Rack, Blazer - F21, Bag - Melie Bianco, Necklace - F21, Sunnies - Crush

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So here is the thing ... I love these little booties but I ordered them online and I think that might be the only reason I kept them.  You see, they really aren't all that comfortable.  They looked great online ... they seemed like the perfect heel height and all, but the truth is there just isn't any cushioning under the ball of the foot and because of that I just can't wear these boots all that long.  I find that whenever I buy shoes online I just end up keeping them ... so no more, I will from now on only buy my shoes if I can try them on first .... well, hopefully ... I am such a addicted internet shopper!!


  1. i only buy things online if i can return them in the store. i hate shipping things back, so they never get returned.

  2. love the boots! im adicted to online shopping too lol ;) annnnd i wrote about uncomfortable shoes today too!! haha too funny. Id say get some heel cushions in them, you can probably get them for cheap at a drug store bc these are sooo cute you should keep them!!

  3. Love that blazer! Too bad about the booties :(


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