Off to the races

My Mom has been in town since last Wednesday and life has been jam packed.  On Thursday we decided to hit up the Del Mar Horse Races.  It was a blast (even though I didn't win a single race)!!  We got really lucky with parking on arrival and and the lines were so minimal you would almost think we were the only ones there.  The day before was opening day so maybe that had something to do with it.  One thing I will let you all know is that if you plan on eating or drinking while at the races I would highly suggest going on a Wednesday due simply to the fact that a beer and a hotdog (you know we all eat one when at the races) is half the price, and with a beer being 8.50 each it is sure worth it to go on a Wednesday!

Off to the races 5

We got our programs and we are ready to go! 

Off to the races 3

Headed to a upper bar to check the horses out at the paddock 

Off to the races 4

The best spot to stand .... a great view of the finish line

Off to the races 1

Patiently or should I say not so patiently waiting for the race to start

Off to the races 2


  1. Cute race day outfits!

  2. Such cute shots with your Mom!!
    xo Cara


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