It's been a while ....

It's been a while 4

Shoes - Steve Madden, Pants - Gap, Shirt - Target, Bag - Michael Kors, Necklace - F21

It's been a while 3
It's been a while 1
It's been a while 2

It has been quite some time since I have done a outfit post ... I honestly almost forgot how.  I did, however, remember how much I love doing it!  Life over here is Southern California has been great .... summer is in full swing .... we have a bunch of guests coming into town this week, which means a lot of fun and being a tourist in our own town!!  Hope you all have been enjoying your summer and I am so happy to be back!!


  1. When I haven't done an outfit post in a while I definitely feel rusty. Funny how that happens! You look great. Love the pink pants!



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