I'm Back!!

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Ok, I know I have been gone forever ( I can't even remember the last time I blogged!)!!  But here is the thing, I started to not like blogging and the only thing I could think to do at that time was just quit ... silly right?!?!  I started my blog on a whim and at first was full of all sorts of ideas and was so super excited .... and then the reality kicked in  .... this is a ton of work that I just didn't expect.  When I started the blog I really wanted to be a blogger who blogged 5 days a week and was reliable, at least that's what I thought was reliable (crazy right?!?!).  So I did, and I found myself shopping .... A LOT!!  I was really bad with trying to use what I already had in my closet and mix it up and was always looking for something better .... not good!  Another thing that I found happening was a lot of damage to my hair, now I know that sounds silly but let me explain.  So 5 or 6 days a week I was getting ready and doing my hair (by doing my hair I mean curly it mainly), and the reality of that is that in "real" life I was not "getting dolled up" 5 or 6 days a week!!  Another silly thing that I took upon my self for no real reason ... we are supposed to be real around here right?!?!  Things were just getting out of hand for me so I stopped.

But now here is the honest truth .... I really really miss blogging!!!  I still read all of yours on a daily basis and just don't comment cause I think I thought if I just never comment on anyone's maybe they will never notice I was gone.  So without boring you all I am here to say that I am back ... but in a different way!  I love the fashion blog world and the way it has changed my life in so many good ways ( even though I only talked about the bad here ... sorry) and I just love the blogging community all together.  So I am going to give this another go ... but in just a more relaxed kinda way.  Maybe there with be a post 5 days a week or maybe there won't but I am alright with that.  I am guessing that if you guys want to be here you will and if you don't then that is ok too!

On another note, Zack (my hubby) and I have just returned from a month long trip in Spain and France and it was life changing!!  You can expect to see much more about travel and food around here ( since these are two of my main passions) and maybe some outfit posts too ... who knows!!
I am just happy to be back and I missed all of you so please let me know what you think!!


  1. Awesome!! Welcome back :)

  2. Good to "see" you back. I had fun following your trip on IG - for a bit I thought you guys had moved there & that's why you stopped blogging. I'm SO with you on the sort of disillusion with blogging. I'm getting ready to do a post on it as well & am most likely going to go private. Life changes, ya know? Glad you had a good trip & glad you didn't give up on blogging!

  3. Yay! I'm so happy you're back!



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