Take Over Tuesdays!!!!!

Hey everyone, it's Zack, Jessica's husband and I apologize for the absence of "Take Over Tuesdays":) 
Being back I wanted to hook everyone up with a good one.  Listening to Pandora one day I heard a song with a raspy cool voiced girl and than B.O.B came on for a verse and I was hooked.  Finding out that the song was done by non other than American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart.  I don't watch much American Idol but Jess and I definitely remember this contestant because we are huge fans of those unique raspy voices and she also had a vintage 50 style going on.  After listening to her debut album "Listen Up", I was pretty amazed! 
1.) Click the link
2.) Click Slow Speed Download and wait for counter to count down to zero
3.) Type in word in box and download file

Haley Reinhart 3 cefcf2e8-2f93-4ece-9528-a1c164b2f39a Haley+Reinhart+Stars+Katsuya+JRvC3uSBg9ul Haley+Reinhart+Heels+Platform+Sandals+pWXeFFnnvZbl


  1. love thr finge top!

  2. OMG love the fringe top! Im obsessed with fringe!!!
    Follow each other???

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