Shadows 4

Sandals - Target, Pink Denim - F21, Blouse - Zara, Bag - Melie Bianco, Sunnies - Crush, Watch - Nixon, Necklace - Sophia&Chloe, Bracelets - F21 & Jamie Rodriguez & Linz Gutz Jewelery

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Nothing like having just the right lighting and you happen to have the wrong lens on your camera and there is always the shadow of the one photographing you.  That's ok, cause I really like the shadow of the one who takes my photos .... I am very lucky to get to have Zack (my husband) take all my photos.  This is just a little outfit that I wore out one night in McCall ... the weather was just perfect ... nice and hot during the day but at night it cooled down perfectly!


  1. So cute! Is that the bracelet you won? It looks perfect with that outfit!!

    1. ya it is!! I wear it all the time and love it!!!

  2. Ah, such a nice simple blouse. And those pants are awesome. Together? Perfect look. xx

  3. i love these jeans. i think i may need to find some in this color!


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