Somethings Happened

Well, this is what happened .... we are pregnant!!  Now I do realize that is has been a million years since I have posted anything on this here blog but lately it is all I have been thinking about!!!  I even had a dream the other night so I figured .... why not get back into it .... right?!?!  Now I am not sure how much I will be back or what being "back" really means but hey, something is better than nothing!!

As for the pregnancy, we are 25 weeks preggo this weekend!!!  Things have been going good (well, other than my first trimester being super sick) and we are super super happy!!  Zack and I did this birth announcement when we got past our first trimester to share with the world and I figured it was time to share with you all .... that is even if anyone still comes around here anymore .....

birth announcement

We had a lot of questions on this announcement ... we did it ourselves with a tripod and timer .... it took a whole 5 minutes!!  And yes ... that is mainly what I was eating through my first trimester ... sad but true!!

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  1. I loved this announcement! Does this mean we might see some pregnancy outfit posts? I would love that!

    Sorry you were so sick during your first trimester - I was the same, it's tough! But glad you're feeling better now. Very excited for you guys!


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