She's A Growing!!

she's a growing_1

 Shoes - Target    Dress - Old Navy    Bag - Via Hautelook    Earrings - not sure (super old)    Necklace - F21

she's a growing_3
she's a growing
she's a growing_2 

Well, I think I have not really understood the reality that I am PREGNANT till I saw these photos .... that little babe in there is sure growing!!!  These here are not only the very first outfits photos that I have probably posted in a year but the also are my very first preggo photos!!!!  I have been pretty determined not to buy maternity clothes unless they are absolutely necessary ( I got myself some maternity jeans the other day that are sure hard to get used to!!) and I think I have been pretty successful so far.   The one place that I have had a lot of success has been Old Navy ... anything that has stretch to it has been the way to go and I think I have a few different versions of this here dress!!


  1. You look so pretty ")

  2. Gorgeous preggo! Love your look!
    Much love, Len

  3. hahah you look so pretty! Love how your embracing your bump!


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