The Blues

The Blues 4

Wedges - Cathy Jean, Skirt & Belt - Local Boutique (Ragz Dressware), T-Shirt - Gap, Necklace - Francesca's

The Blues 3
The Blues 2
The Blues 1
I don't actually have "the blues", it is this blue back wall that I am talking about here.  Every time that we take outfit photos here there is such a blue hue to everything it makes me crazy.  You think I would learn my lesson and stop taking there here though that is not the case .... darn you blue wall ... you always seem like such a great idea and then you never are!


  1. I love your flowy skirt, so cute!

  2. i'm such a sucker for blue...especially blue and white stripes!

  3. Such a cute outit! Love that necklace

  4. Great outfit. This is such a great blog, glad i found it! Newest follower!

  5. haha, i don't think you look too blue, but you do look pretty darn cute!
    and maybe change your white balance setting to shade?
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. such a great look-love the blue stripes with the red skirt, love the belt and those wedges are perfect!
    xo Cara

  7. I love this mix and your cute nails too!


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