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Dress Dress Dress 3

Heels - Aldo, Dress - H&M, Belt - Local Boutique (from a skirt), Bag - Melie Bianco, Bangles & Earrings- H&M

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There really is nothing better than a dress in my mind.  You just slip it on and go .... but I do find myself buying way too many and then running into the blogger dilemma of remixing them.  Oh dresses, how I love you and dislike you at the same time.  Zack and I went on a little dinner date the other night and I was so very excited to pulled this hardly worn dress out and give her a night out on the town!!


  1. Love the print of your dress...and you picked the perfect shoes to compliment it!

  2. haha love it! i buy up dresses like crazy, best summer outfit but the remixing is defiantly a challenge! love it though!

  3. Ha ha, totally agree! This dress is adorable! I really love how you added the pop of color with your shoes!

    xo Jenny

  4. Totally agree with you about dresses. This is a great one though! Love the pop of color with the heels too. And your nail polish color is fabulous! What is it?

  5. I love this dress on you, especially the pop of red with the lip and shoes! So pretty :)

    I also am a dress girl, and yea, its terribly hard to remix those little darlings... we will find a way!

    xo Teresa

  6. i love this outfit!! so pretty! and i totally agree...dresses are the best.


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