She's A Growing!!

she's a growing_1

 Shoes - Target    Dress - Old Navy    Bag - Via Hautelook    Earrings - not sure (super old)    Necklace - F21

she's a growing_3
she's a growing
she's a growing_2 

Well, I think I have not really understood the reality that I am PREGNANT till I saw these photos .... that little babe in there is sure growing!!!  These here are not only the very first outfits photos that I have probably posted in a year but the also are my very first preggo photos!!!!  I have been pretty determined not to buy maternity clothes unless they are absolutely necessary ( I got myself some maternity jeans the other day that are sure hard to get used to!!) and I think I have been pretty successful so far.   The one place that I have had a lot of success has been Old Navy ... anything that has stretch to it has been the way to go and I think I have a few different versions of this here dress!!

Somethings Happened

Well, this is what happened .... we are pregnant!!  Now I do realize that is has been a million years since I have posted anything on this here blog but lately it is all I have been thinking about!!!  I even had a dream the other night so I figured .... why not get back into it .... right?!?!  Now I am not sure how much I will be back or what being "back" really means but hey, something is better than nothing!!

As for the pregnancy, we are 25 weeks preggo this weekend!!!  Things have been going good (well, other than my first trimester being super sick) and we are super super happy!!  Zack and I did this birth announcement when we got past our first trimester to share with the world and I figured it was time to share with you all .... that is even if anyone still comes around here anymore .....

birth announcement

We had a lot of questions on this announcement ... we did it ourselves with a tripod and timer .... it took a whole 5 minutes!!  And yes ... that is mainly what I was eating through my first trimester ... sad but true!!

Long Legs

long legs 3

Shoes - Converse
Denim - Nordstrom rack
Shirt - JCrew
Belt - Target
Sunnies - Crush
long legs 4
long legs 1
long legs 2

I am not sure if you can see this in these photos but, my legs look super long ... and for a 5'5 gal like me that is awesome!!  I think this is the one and only time that I appreciate a wide angle lens.  You see, we were shooting some room shots from our last event and were just too darn lazy and in too big of a rush to switch lens ... and this was the outcome ... awesome!!

Keeping It Long

Keeping it long 4

Shoes - Target
Dress - Old Navy
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Purse - Michael Kors
Hat - Brixton
Sunnies - RayBan
Keeping it long 3
Keeping it long 2
Keeping it long 1

Let's talk about two things here ... my hair ... am I ever happy I didn't keep it long!!  I have been wanting a change for quite some time now and I am just loving my new hair cut!!  And as for this maxi dress ... best thing I have ever bought!! I am always trying to find new ways to wear it cause it is just do darn comfy I feel like I am in my PJ's!!

Good Day

good day 3

Shoes - Target
Shorts - Gap
Shirt - Target
Necklace - F21
Bag - Michael Kors
Sunnies - Crush

good day 4
good day 2
good day 1

Well, its Monday and I have managed to get a blog post up ... it's almost a miracle!!  Lately just taking the photos has been a challenge ... but this week is going to be different .... well, maybe.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

What Have I Been Waiting For

what have i been waiting for 4

Boots - Target
Dress - Local Boutique
Belt - Target
Clutch - F21
Sunnies - Crush

what have i been waiting for 3
what have i been waiting for 2
what have i been waiting for 2

I have had this dress for quite some time now and I am not sure why the heck it hasn't shown up on this here blog.  Let me tell you, I think I found a new found love for this little dress here!!  It is super comfy and can be dressed up or down in so many ways ... I think it just made its way back into my life in a big way!!

Sunshine After The Rain

Sunshine after the rain 3

Shoes - Seychelles
Denim - Old Navy
Shirt - Local Boutique
Clutch - F21
Sunnies - Rayban

Sunshine after the rain 4
Sunshine after the rain 2
Sunshine after the rain 1

Last week was rough ... to say the least!!  I had a killer cold that left me lying on the couch doing absolutely nothing!!  The good news is that I am finally feeling much better ( still super dizzy and tired though :( ) and back to blogging!!